The Dare Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization that supports endeavors in the arts and sciences.

Dare Association is currently publishing Developments, a journal which aims to apply a Behavioral Developmental approach to behavioral, social, and psychological sciences.

The core of the Dare Association is the Dare Institute, a group devoted to research in psychological topics such as human development, psychiatry and the law, political psychology, behavioral economics, and cognitive science.

The Dare Institute's purposes are manifold; it aims to:
Help people to design research projects and to analyze data.
Help people to get their papers published.
Train students, ranging from junior high to postdoctoral, in the behavioral sciences.
Teach people to construct instruments and interviews that assess performance stages, informed consent, sexual harassment, and other topics.
Act as an ancillary research facility to the Program in Psychiatry and the Law.

Several behavioral science programs incubated by the Dare Association have grown into external groups, including
Society for Research in Adult Development
Society for Quantitative Analysis of Behavior
Behavioral Analyst Online

Dare Association hosts the website of the the Behavioral Development Special Interest Group of the Association for Behavior Analysis (ABA), including old issues of the Behavioral Developmental Bulletin (BDB) that it published..

The Dare Association supports the artistic activities of
Kirana Institute for North Indian Music
The Theatre of Eternal Music

The Dare Association also supports the applied behavioral science activities of
The International Health, Education and Development Division of Dare Association has the broad goal of improving the well being of people in developing countries.
Grupo Para Terceira Idade e Infancia (Group for the Third Age and Childhood (GATIII)), an elderly-abuse prevention organization.

People come to the Dare Institute from all over the world seeking help with the above tasks and more.
If you desire any of the services that the Dare Institute provides, please contact us