International Health, Education and Development Division (Vietnam Projects)

Goal: The International Health, Education and Development Division of Dare Association has the broad goal of improving the wellbeing of people in developing countries.

Our strategy involves piggy-backing on the relationships and opportunities developed by our collaborating partners who have decades of experience working with governmental and nongovernmental agencies in developing countries and using micro-philanthropy to finance our activities. All personnel working on projects contribute their experience and skills on a pro bono basis.

Focus. At present, Dare Association is focusing on assisting five agencies in Haiphong, Vietnam:

  1. Red Flower Children’s Village (an orphanage built on the SOS Children’s Village model)
  2. Thanh Xuan Orphanage for HIV+ Children
  3. HHCSC an agency supporting poor grandparents raising their orphaned grandchildren
  4. The Haiphong School for Children with Visual Impairment
  5. Local schools in the particularly poor areas of Haiphong

A sampling of the nine-year history of assistance. In Haiphong, Vietnam, staff provided:

At Red Flower Children’s Village:

  • A fully equipped a preschool classroom at Red Flower Children's Village (orphanage on the SOS Children’s village model)
  • sporting and playground equipment and toys
  • books, art and educational supplies
  • a well-equipped computer center
  • musical instruments
  • classes in computer usage, English, and soft skills
  • health supplies, baby formula, diapers

At a school for visually impaired children:

  • mattresses and blankets
  • warm jackets and clothing for all 120 students
  • a TV and a theater quality sound system
  • a large dual action air conditioner for the sick room
  • navigation canes for the blind
  • an air conditioner for the auditorium
  • large capacity clothes washer and dryer
  • a large capacity water filter

At Thanh Xuan Orphanage for HIV+ Children:

  • desks and chairs for study area
  • two large capacity air conditioners and tables and chairs for the dining room
  • clothes for each child and storage units
  • mattresses and blankets
  • books, art and educational supplies
  • toys and sporting equipment
  • warm clothing and winter coats

At HHCSC (an organization supporting poor old grandparents raising their orphaned grandchildren (and their grandchildren):

  • warm blankets
  • computer center
  • books
  • warm coats
  • fans and rice cookers

At schools in An Hoa (an underprivileged area):

  • thousands of packets of educational supplies (notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, etc.)
  • computers
In addition, staff have carried out research with adolescents and graduates of Red Flower to gauge interest and suitability for higher education and how assistance to graduates of the orphanages might be strengthened. This has led to establishment of classes in living skills, academic subjects to increase chances for college admission, and field trips to employers to gain a broader appreciation of opportunities.